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Cascade Informatika Zrt. was founded by Hungarian owners in 2011. The company operates with transparent ownership structure.

Our goal is to support our clients’ businesses who honor us with their trust with effective, cost-efficient and robust information technology solutions and services. We would like to become a strategic and business partner of our customers who can offer and deliver the best customized solution for enterprise datacenter needs. Our product portfolio extends from the simple, but reliable datacenter solutions through the network integration services to the high complexity, multi-area datacenter solutions.

Our portfolio includes innovative services and with using them we can increase our Clients’ systems effectiveness and reliability. Our trademark is the planning and deliver high complexity and reliabilty systems.

To create a harmoniously functioning system is almost an art, for that artistic quality of work is needed.

We would like to differentiate our company from the competitors with outstanding services, cost-efficient solutions and highly educated professionals.


A Cascade Informatikai és Energetikai Zrt. az adatközpontokban alkalmazott technológiákhoz, eszközökhöz kapcsolódó támogatási tevékenységét a lehető legmagasabb színvonalon végzi. Annak érdekében, hogy a hibakezelés és hibaelhárítás gyártói támogatásához közvetlen csatornákat teremtsünk, a gyártókkal partneri kapcsolatokat alakítunk ki. Kompetenciánkat folyamatosan magasabb szintre emeljük ügyfeleink kiszolgálása és kiemelt gyártói partnereink hiteles képviselete érdekében. Részletes cégismertetőnket itt tudja megtekinteni: Cascade Zrt. bemutatkozó


Founding of Cascade Limited Co.

In 2011 Cascade Informatics Limited Co. is founded. From the beginnings we made sure that we develop keeping in mind the Navision system, in order to achieve a process that is continuously efficient and happens in an already integrated system within ISO. 2011 is closed with a positive balance.


Establishing Partnership Levels

During 2012 the company acquires with their most important manufacturers - Cisco, IBM and VMware – the necessary partnership levels. 2012 is closed with a significant profit.


Year of development

In October 2014 Cascade moves from its previous rented office space (Váci street) to its own office building (Bácskai street). This becomes the first headquarter where the company develops their very own engine room.


Expansion of Engine Room Services

In 2017 Cascade in partnership with Ace Telekom starts up a 500 m2 Hosting City engine room, in the former Budapest Bank headquarter building.

Our staff

Various problem-solving skills

That is the code we try to live by and better ourselves at, while our partners already excel at and represent this philosophy. The design, construction and operation of data centre infrastructures place high demands on the personnel who implement them. Instead of limited knowledge in narrow areas, our employees have a combined broad area of knowledge and expertise in addition to deep knowledge of certain fields.
Most of us think in complex systems, keeping in mind one goal and always looking at tasks from several points of views in order to have a full understanding of the assignment. The philosophy of “thinking in a complex system” during our work applies from the system development stage, keeping in mind to build a trustworthy system in every aspect.  This same philosophy gives us the advantage of reacting faster and more expertly during the implementation or troubleshooting phase, than most specialized engineering teams.

Staff Qualifications


  • CCDA
  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • CCNP Routing and Switching
  • Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist
  • Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric Support Specialist
  • Data Center Architecture Account Manager Representative
  • Data Center Architecture Systems Engineer Representative
  • Express Foundation Account Manager Representative
  • Unified Computing Technology Account Manager Representative
  • Unified Computing Technology Field Engineer Representative
  • Unified Fabric Technology Account Manager Representative
  • Unified Computing Technology Systems Engineer Representative
  • Unified Fabric Technology Account Manager Representative
  • Borderless Networks Account Manager Representative


  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Tivoli Storage Solutions V3
  • IBM Certified Specialist – Midrange Storage Technical Support V3
  • IBM Certified Specialist – System Storage DS8000 Technical Solutions V3
  • IBM Certified Specialist – High-End Tape Technical Solutions V7
  • Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Storage Sales Professional V5
  • IBM Certified Specialist – Midrange Storage Sales V2
  • IBM Certified Specialist – Enterprise Storage Sales V3
  • IBM Power8 Scale-Out Technical Sales
  • IBM Certified Sales Specialist – Power Systems with POWER8 V1


  • Vmware VSP
  • Vmware VCP
  • Vmware VTSP


  • CISA
  • CISM


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